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Dawn Shifreen-Pomerantz, MFT.Basically, you come into the office and take a comfortable position on the couch and begin to talk. While I listen, I may ask you for clarification or other questions that relate to what you have said. I have found that patients who visit me on a regular schedule build rapport and are not hesitant about talking. The familiarity of the setting and the relationship between patient and therapist leads to a compassionate and effective approach by the therapist.

The process of choosing in-depth psychoanalysis or psychotherapy is based on a free initial consultation with me. First we discuss the problems you are dealing with on your own. We then access if I can be of help to you. In some cases, we may decide together, that your case is not one where I am the best therapeutic choice. If that is the case, I will refer to you someone else whom I believe can help you. In all situations, you should seek a free consultation to make sure there is a good match between yourself and the therapist.

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